World Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

We are living in the era of technology, and there is a lot of work space in this field of technology. If you are from this area, then you better now about the web hosting and how much it is important to run any website on the internet. Without the web hosting companies, it’s not possible to run your website. Here we are going to suggest you the best and the top 10 web hosting companies that will help you to decide easily that from which company you guys need to hire the services of hosting. The names of web hosting companies that we are going to enlist below are the reliable one and without any scam. The plus point with these top 10 companies is the discount packages these companies offer for their customers like they offer builder tools, disk space, and domains so that you will enjoy web hosting properly. Just to save your time we are here to discuss the top 10 companies so that you don’t need to Google anything when you want web hosting. Let’s start and check who is at the first number.

Top 10 web hosting Companies:

Following are the top 10 web hosting companies with their extravagant features that hard to ignore:

Number # 1


This company provides its users with an unlimited email address plus you will be able to have a tutorial that will help you step by step. So you don’t need any expert just to follow the steps that are in the tutorial. The price of this web hosting service will start from the $2.75. Now talk about the other features that include the store that is free and online, money back guarantee. So if you feel not comfortable with the services of you just claim your money back but remember this offer is only for the 45 days after the purchase of web hosting. After the period of 45 days, this offer will be invalid so if you feel uncomfortable or feel this web hosting provides not the services you want then you can claim your money back before the time limit option.

Number # 2


Now come to another exciting web hosting company under the name of iPage. The main features of iPage include free domain for the period of one year. This company have the most exciting feature is the assistance you can call, and your phone call will get response in less than 1 minute.

Number # 3

If a user is looking for the web host that gives web hosting in very cheap rates, then he will have to go for the The worthy features you will be able to enjoy after operation of this web hosting includes free registration of domain, website developing, and money back guarantee service that is totally free of cost. One more thing you have only 30 days period offer to claim your money back after that time this offer automatically expired, and if you feel this web hosting is not made for you, then you cannot claim your money back. So check properly within 30 days of its purchasing either you need this or not.

Number # 4


Another web hosting company that is under top 10 web hosting companies. The feature of Bluehost includes bandwidth, unlimited space option, money back guarantee, live assistance option and simple scripts that need only one click to install. The price of this web hosting is $3.49offered by Bluehost. The brilliant thing about this web hosting company is that they offer anytime money back offer means no time limit. Anytime of you feel it is working just like you want you just claim your money back. One more thing that needs to be highlighted there is the live chat option this company offers for their client.

Number # 5

This web hosting company will provide with a free credit of $200 for advertisement, free assistance, bandwidth, unlimited space option and the option of network monitoring that is free. The price of this company web hosting service starts from $2.50.

Number # 6

Host papa

So now we are at number 6 from the top 10 web hosting companies. Hostpapa allows you to get free 1:1 session with the expert that will sort out your problem regarding your site. This session will be live so your problem will be sort out soon. You can again get 24/7 assistance and free domain registration option. Hostpapa also offers you the 30 days money back guarantee so within the period of 30 days you can claim your money back if you are not satisfied with their services. The price of their services is $3.95.

Number # 7

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting allows you to enjoy Google Apps integration feature, free space option that is unlimited plus the customer support system. The last but not the least feature is the free credit that this company offers to their client for advertisement is about $250. Now something about the price details of this service, which starts from the $3.49.

Number # 8

Idea Host

We are now talking about the web hosting company provider that is at number 8. This company will provide unlimited domain option, 45 days period money back offer, and the tutorial guide that helps you to understand its working. The last thing that is most important to mention here is the extensive marketing tool offer by idea host. Now something about the price that is start from $2.99.

Number # 9


If you want free templates, then you have to choose the service of this company in web hosting. Yes! Choosing HostGator will allow you almost 500 free templates. Another distinct feature of this company includes money back guarantee and technical assistance of this company that is for their customers.


Number # 10


GoDaddy is at the last number of top 10 web hosting companies. The starting price of this web hosting company is $3.99. The features offers for the client includes 24/7 assistance, unlimited option of bandwidth, 125+ applications that are free of cost and security and DDos protection options.

So these are the top 10 web hosting companies, choose according to your requirement and budget.


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